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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Old Punk Moment 472:

At my gym, L.A. Crapness, they’ve been pretty good lately at putting on the station that plays a little of everything instead of all ©rap or the equally mind-numbing slow jams. It seems like years of complaints from the morning regulars (average age: 50!) finally worked. At least until they hire another 20-something O.C. cretin to open the place.

Anyhoo, every so often they play something by Basement Jaxx called “Where’s Your Head At”, based on a sample of the 3-note synth riff from Gary Numan’s 1979 album track “M.E.”

So, every time it comes on I sing “And me I eat dust” after the 3 notes play, which must come across as weird to those around me. Then the music nerd in me wants to say the song playing is based on another song, like I'm proud of some kind of personal accomplishment.

All things considered, I’m glad when the song comes on and even happier when it ends.

On a related note, when you shut down a computer with a newer Microsoft Windows OS, it plays the 4 signature notes from Gary Numan's "Cars".


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