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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Other L Word

The Weekly Standard posted a great article titled Take Back The Word: Liberalism Isn't What It Used To Be. I also hit this one out of the...well, actually I dribbled one down the third base line well over five years ago on the same topic.

There's nothing wrong with being Liberal. There's everything wrong with being a stinking pinko-commie hypocrite hate-blinded superior-fugg rich kid Leftist. As a neo-con I don't consider myself a conservative in the least. Hell, it's the only sane liberal activism going and it tries to avoid the nuances of hypocrisy that define the extremes on both ends of the political spectrum. I never voted for a Republican president until 2004. My god, 9/11 threw the Left so far left I had to step right just to avoid the spittle and lobbed feces.

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is the only force keeping the Democrats from spinning out into fringe-party status. I hope they fight and win the civil war they acknowledge they must wage against the Michael Moore/George Soros/Gnome Crapsky wing of their party. It's important to have a viable two-party system because it keeps both sides looking at the center when people head to the polls.

We're probably just one more election cycle away from bands of angry rich kids reliving the glory days of angry rich kid mayhem (see SLA and Weathermen). Oh joy, oh rapture....


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