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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Review: The Skatalites - Foundation Ska

I know The Skatalites are the Beatles, Stones and Hootie & The Blowfish of Jamaican Ska, but the 2-disc Foundation Ska is too boring to be anything but archival. Only four (by my count) tracks have vocals, and "Dr. Kildare" is missing the lyrics I have on a great mix tape. Instrumental Ska is nice every so often, but not one after a fricking other.

If there's a Skatalites cd of all vocal tracks, please let me know. The Skatalites are great, but if you point to these repetitive instrumentals as the best 60's ska you'll turn off a lot of potential fans. Here's a great place to start your journey to the wonders of the first wave. Take it from me, Dr. Ring-A-Ding, the Great Wuga Wuga. This cassette I know by heart.


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