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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Review: Space Cookie - Your CD Collection Still Sucks

I lent this to someone maybe seven years ago and never saw either again. There's a 99.65% chance it was sold for drug money. I bought it last week on ebay for $3.01 plus $3.00 postage. It's a cd few know about but I like it a lot and if you see it used it'll probably be selling for about $3.01.

This 1997 collection of 7"s and stuff is great because Space Cookie not only write catchy tunes, they play each song like it's the last they'll ever play. Everything distorts either by cheapness or design, adding to the chaos. Space Cookie songs are like having a cattle prod shoved up your wazoo. The urge to spazz out is strong. I put them up there with The New Bomb Turks and The Automatics.

Some tracks that stand out are "The Kicks Wanna Rock (On Elvis' Grave)", "Rina" and "Concubine". The lead Cookie ran Reservation Records. Check out his presidential facial hair. Where's Bill's left hand, and why is that woman smiling?


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