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Friday, March 24, 2006

I Can't Pronounce Baccaruda

Ben Weasel linked to a video of The Barracudas performing "Summer Fun" in 1980, featuring the worst lip-sync job of all time. It's a great song but the old car ad that intros the vinyl is a classic slice of comic genius. It involves a beatnik and a professional yet stiff radio announcer, and it goes something like this:

Announcer: I'm a Plymouth dealer. I'm a dealin' man, and right now I'm giving the best deal ever on that fast moving fastback the Plymouth Baccaruda.
Beatnik: Hey man, the name of the Plymouth fastback is the Barracuda.
Announcer: I know ... I can't pronounce Baccaruda.
Beatnik: Oh well, look man, try this ... Say Ba
Announcer: Ba
Beatnik: Ra
Announcer: Ra
Beatnik: Cu
Beatnik: Da
Announcer: Da
Beatnik: Now put it all together!!
Announcer: BA-BA-RA-BA-CU-CU-DA-DA!
Beatnik: Well, it ain't Barracuda, man, but I think we got a hit record!!


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