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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Ballad Of Saint Pancake

Courtesy of Little Green Footballs comes this seemingly improvised Billy Bragg re-write of a Dylan song, celebrating the life and death of rich girl, terror-abetting, violence-loving, game of tag-losing uber-martyr Rachel Corrie, shown here burning a home-made American flag and raging, raging against the machine to teach the next generation of suicide bombers why their own lives are of no value compared to The Struggle. Here's Rachel now in hell for the karmic crime of living a life of hate and calling it love.

She died trying to protect tunnels used to smuggle arms into Gaza, weapons used to kill Israeli men, women and children such as in this great "resistance strike" when a pregnant woman and her four young daughters were repeatedly shot in the head at point-blank range, an act the Voice of Palestine called "an act of heroic martyrdom".


Anonymous Toddzilla6 said...

Locally, a dude got splattered by a train going one way while trying to jump up into a boxcar of a slow-moving train going the other way. I think that doing that (along with Corrie's deed of standing in front of a bulldozer yapping into a megaphone, for whatever good it'll accomplish) is a sign of being terminally stupid, which can lead to terminal death.

Maybe if our local hayseed had been shouting some anti-Semetic remarks in his "Hey y'all, lookit me!" episode, he'd be treated as a hero like Rachel.

Sure, she was an America-hating, terrorist-sympathizing crackpot deluxe, but did she deserve death for that? I'm not sure. But she was also making a nuisance of herself to people who were busy at work trying to make a buck. And for that, I say we dig her up and run over her again. Nothing makes a man wanna kill like some loudmouth who is always in the way when you're trying to work.

10:16 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

That's right. Stand up for the working man!

3:42 AM


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