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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Review: The Church - Under The Milky Way (Best Of)

I know it's unfair to judge a band on a greatest hits cd when their most popular song ("Under The Milky Way") sounds like just another track on a John Hughes soundtrack. Sometimes the hits packages lean toward the same vibe as much as possible. Still, half of this weighed down my eyelids, just like Echo & The Bunnypersons, and I'm not sure if the songs I did like were really that good or I was just happy they were faster and louder. Nothing here is bad - let's just say I can't imagine standing up to see a concert by The Church. I picture tables, toe tapping and staring into space when the mood strikes. Maybe it's thrash muzak with vocals.

Under the Milky Way: The Best of the Church collects 17 tracks, and while I don't care enough to see if they're in chronological order I noticed the best tracks were bunched directly in the middle. These were "Electric Lash", "A Month Of Sundays", "Shadow Cabinet" and "Myrrh". Vocalist Steve Kilbey sounds very much like Al Stewart. I don't mind Al Stewart but I never imagined anyone else had his voice, like a butch Tiny Tim.


Blogger Brian said...

I've been to many a Church gig and the crowd actually divides itself into the categories you said :) There's always a few rockers (young and old) at the front jumping up and down to Tantalized and nodding their heads, singing along. Most of the crowd stands still and sways gently, and if there are tables, some of those same people will be seated at the back, but almost everyone pays close attention.

That Best Of album doesn't include anything from their newer albums. Play "Forget Yourself", their 2004 album, loud and you'll love it :)

6:46 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

I imagine The Church has a massive following and good for them. I've never been big on bands that descend from the Roxy Music family tree. Part of it is the style and "lifestyle", which is proto-lounge. I also prefer the Bowie school of crooning.

I like pudding.

1:51 PM


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