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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Must Buy One

Damn those kids!


Blogger Robert G. said...

Now, that is cool!

They started playing classical music in Toronto subway stations 5-10 years ago to discourage the little angels from hanging around, but who's going to be scared off by Bach's French Suites? I say, play Boulez and Varese 24/7 and get rid of EVERYBODY.

8:10 AM

Anonymous Ishabaka said...

You can buy a similar device called "Sonic Nausea" from www.ShomerTec.com. They make a small one and a medium loud one.
It doesn't come with a box or a switch but these are easily obtainable at Radio Shack. The sound cuts through your brain like a horrible migraine and is of a pitch that you are unable to identify the source. I used to work at a place where some obnoxious people would take over my cubicle for hours on end. I'd surrepticiously turn on the sonic nausea. In a few minutes they'd be saying "Do you hear that SOUND?". I'd go "What sound, I don't hear anything?". Works great, I still have it.

11:42 PM


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