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Friday, February 10, 2006

Review: Editors - The Back Room

Hey, a band from that British city Johnny Rotten sang about with the woman who terminated her pregnancy and then it screamed "I'm not an animal!", just like the Elephant Man did, whose real name was John too.

Editors are so much like Interpol you can make a mixed cd of their music and nobody would know the difference. If I wasn't such a sucker for this modernized and mostly peppy take on Joy Division I'd deride someone's (anyone's) lack of originality, but as it is I'm just happy the extra product is out there. What the Editors add to the equation is a tad more New Order and guitar like U2's The Edge.

Most of the eleven tracks on The Back Room start me up nicely, "Munich"and "Bullets" my favorite. The bass guitar steps up and drives the songs like lead guitar usually does. This earns extra e-points with me. Their EPs are also great. The lead singer's favorite color might be blue. I'll update this review if the pope ever gets back to me.


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