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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Are These The End Times?

A punk e-store is selling a belt-buckle with a knight mask that flips up to reveal a dead guy's face.

Imagine the visual on that gag, won't you?


Blogger Ratface said...

haha, hey i bought that 4 years ago. no, seriously

5:22 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

That belt buckle is a device to enable teenage boys to have others stare at their crotch. Was that your intention? I hope not. Your love of zombies wearing Crusade Knight armor could have ben satisfied in any of a number of other ways. For shame.

7:51 AM

Blogger Ratface said...

I got it for a boyfriend. I don't think anybody was starin at that crotch, haha.

On another note-he's trying to sell it on Craig's List for $40 now. Another haha.

2:47 PM


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