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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing Day Tape

I hope you all had a festive Boxing Day on the 26th. I know I did. A decade ago I lived in Arlington, VA in a Sears House a few blocks away from the famous Dischord House, another Sears House with a basement that redefined "unfinished". I turned my basement into a gym and boxing area, and I made a tape to box to, like in aerobics except I'm maybe beating Billy Blanks to the Tao Bo punch.

Here's what's on the tape and next to it what I was supposed to do during each song. I doubt I ever made it all the way through. Only one fast punk song on it because I was boxing, not tearing apart a rat with my teeth.

Devo - Snowball (warm up footwork and punches)
Didjits - Dad (slow combo punching)
Squeeze - Annie Get Your Gun (abs)
Rubber Rodeo - Anywhere With You (kicking)
Jawbreaker - Fine Day (speed bag)
Psychedelic Furs - Here Come Cowboys (footwork)
Peter Gabriel - I Have The Touch (abs)
Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey (kickboxing)
Elvis Costello - I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (footwork)
Devo - Beautiful World (non-telegraphic punching)
OMD - Messages (kickboxing)
Bad Religion - Anesthesia (alt. title Hooray For Heroin) - (fast combos)
Kraftwerk - Tour De France (cool down punching)


Anonymous Ishabaka said...

That's funny, I made a Krav Maga CD. It's kinda long. Here goes:
Orengi no Taiyo - Shonen Knife
I Only Drink Bud - The Queers
Pressure Drop - The Specials
Crucified - The Business
Borstal Breakout - Sham 69
Anarchy in the U.K. - Sex Pistols
It's Quite Alright - Rancid
Gabba Gabba Hey - The Ramones
Public Image - P.I.L.
Brown Eyed Girl - MXPX
I Don't Wanna Talk About It - Minor Threat
Dig That Groove Baby - Lolita No. 18
Jesus Built My Hot Rod - Ministry
Here Comes Your Man - The Pixies
She's A Sensation - Huntingtons
Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
Dreaming - Blondie (live version)
Six Pack - Black Flag
Lorraine - Bad Manners
Ivory Coast - Rancid
White Riot - The Clash
I Hate You - I Love You - The Dead Milkmem
Dog Bite - The Dead Kennedys
Rise Above - Black Flag
Basket Case - Green Day
I Love Me - Lolita No. 18
Hooligans - Rancid & The Specials
Banana Chips - Shonen Knife
My instructor liked the CD and sometimes played part of it during class.

5:17 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Anyone who puts "Lorraine" on a mixed cd iks all right with me. Krav Maga requires fast punk songs. Those guys tear apart rats with their teeth.

7:42 AM

Blogger Steph Wills said...

I could never have a workout tape with Six Pack on it. I'd be out the door and heading to the fridge or closest bar. It's a pavlovian thing.

8:01 AM

Anonymous Ishabaka said...

Glat kosher rats....
And yes, biting is taught in Krav Maga.

3:34 PM


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