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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hang With Ryan Cabrera

At a store in the mall there was a sign that read "Hang With Ryan Cabrera". Why, here he is now! I have NO IDEA who Ryan Cabrera is but someone's running a contest where the grand prize is hanging with him. I have only the slightest grasp of popular culture now and my knowledge of new punk bands is fairly dismal too, so I've resigned myself to the fact I'm hopelessly (and happily) out of the loop.

My first thought was about if I won that contest. I'd say, "So, Ryan, it's nice to meet you. I understand you're a popular young singer. Gosh that must be great for you." Then I'd stare into space for a moment and say "Nice to have met you. Gotta go." Sure that's dull, but wouldn't that be better for everyone than a screaming 15 year old who won't stop crying?

Punk is littered with stories of people whose lives changed upon hearing that special punk band. Ryan went the other way:

Ryan Cabrera never planned on a career in music. His hobby turned into a passion after hearing Dave Matthews, causing him to turn his back on the noisy punk rock of his high-school band, Caine, and pick up an acoustic guitar for the newly minted Rubic's Groove.

Dave Matthews was Ryan Cabrera's Ramones, Sex Pistols and/or Clash. Somebody's spinning in their grave right now - I'm just not sure who.


Blogger Ratface said...

i'll tell you who's spinning in his grave-the guy who invented the rubix cube.

6:06 AM

Anonymous graci said...

Ryan is a great guy. listen to his new album, its not punk. Its excellent, he is a musical genius.

3:41 PM


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