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Monday, August 22, 2005

Mother Sheehan

I resisted writing about Cindy Sheehan because the political wars of the left and right have no appeal to me. But hey, I need something to write about.

Cindy Sheehan proved to be a narcissist who's taken the unfortunate death of her son in Iraq as an excuse to go insane in public. She's wasted all her pity points on raw hatred. She realized the ultimate fantasy of a Munchausen By Proxy mother, focusing the world on herself and her lose, like she's the only one who's ever felt pain. Her son's death was the best thing that ever happened to this nobody hausfrau who embodies the great Vindictives tune "Future Homemakers Of America"

Stooping in the morning picking up the garbage, littering her green lawn, Susan does her busywork thinking that it's valuable, yacking at the phone. Flipping through the channels, screaming at the wallpaper, waiting for tomorrow, underneath the shady trees, flip-flopping with K-mart ease, clutching sugar that she borrowed. Good morning future homemakers of America, Oh Mrs. Dishrag won't you kiss me? Susan's going crazy now dreaming about movie stars featured in her magazines rearranging furniture wishing she was manager of her local Walgreens. Pondering the growth of mold sitting on her toilet bowl thinking about slitting her wrists, diving through the window and yelling at a paperboy who doesn't even know she exists. Oh Calgon take me away.
DailyKos decided she should always be referred to as Mother Sheehan, a pretension I never expected anyone would dare attempt. Would this wordplay equate Sheehan with Mother Teresa? More like Mother Courage.

I found myself turned off by her incessant cursing. I was appalled when I read she spoke at a rally in support of terrorist-abetting bag-lady lawyer Lynne Stewart. Then, when she blamed the war on THE JEWS I decided any sympathy I had for her was replaced by a desire for only the worst for her for the rest of her days. Her family is embarrassed and her husband filed for divorce. She's well on her way.

I'm sorry her son died. That's about it. Cindy Sheehan, the sock puppet of suffering, makes me laugh whenever I see her cry a river.

Mark Steyn sums it up best, as he often does. Cindy Sheehan, another weird chapter in a country that rewards public displays of idiocy.

8/24/2005: I like this poster a lot. "Pull Out Of Iraq...And Let The Bloddbath Begin". I'm sorry, but whenever I see Sock Puppet Sheehan's sobby face I just laugh.

8/25/2005: Here's an article from Powerline that puts all things Sheehan into the proper chronology.


Anonymous Ishabaka said...

This war is not Vietnam. There is no draft. It's an all-volunteer military service. I do feel sorry for Ms. Sheehan's loss but her son volunteered for military service, and there's no evidence she opposed him. Everyone who joins the military knows they may die in the line of duty, and so do their families. I also don't see that Ms. Sheehan was active in any anti-war activities until her son died.

On flipside, President Bush should attend some memorial services for servicepeople who died in Iraq. It's the right thing to do.

OK Em - now you got a comment.

4:20 AM


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