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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Something I Didn't Learn Today About Husker Du

Dr. Frank linked to this way after-the-fact review of Husker Du's 1985 masterpiece New Day Rising. To each his or her own opinion but I found this to be a real groaner. Here's some things that stick out as I fisk for the first time in my adult life:

The record supposedly marked a breaking point where hardcore punk went “power pop”. Someone said that? Really?? Hardcore punk by definition never went power pop. I mean, there was as much disparity in sound in the hardcore genre as in the 70s CBGBs scene, but Husker Du's transition into college radio heck marked the end of their hardcore career, and that would be on Flip Your Wig anyway, not New Day Rising.

Nirvana and Green Day were considered to be Hüsker Dü imitators during their early days.
Nirvana, maybe, but Green Day? Green Day?? You can't draw a line from Husker Du to Green Day without it resembling the NYC subway map.

Most of the music was all so cute. I could only imagine Hüsker Dü getting pelted with gobs when they tried to play the fey post-break up ballad “I Aw-pa-low-gize” while opening for Black Flag.
"I Apologize" is cute? Cute?? Bob's screaming half the time and it's a blaring piece of HC wax. What the...

Worse, the record seemed to be little different from the sentimental dreck I heard on my local “alternative rock” radio stations at the time. I could hear traces of Green Day on the record—the feel-good singalongs that arose from the three-chord raveups.
I'm just speechless on this one...

Ten years later, New Day Rising now sounds like one of the great psych-rock albums of the 80’s.
Psychedelic Rock?... ???

There is also a strong Midwestern vibe in the Minneapolis band’s sound, which is a first for Hüsker Dü as they previously dwelled in the same post-punk and hardcore heard around the world.
Husker Du, from Metal Circus on, sounded like no other band than Husker Du.

I shake my head. That's all I can do. Bob, Grant, Greg, the world has forsaken you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, that review is way off based. Doesn't sound like he's reviewing "New Day Rising" I got that record when it came out and I remember the unique place HuDu had carved out for themselves. It was great.

2:53 PM


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