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Thursday, May 12, 2005

To Serve Man, by Pat Buchanan

Before "Soylent Green Is People" there was "To Serve Man - It's A Cookbook!", the best Twilight Zone punchline ever. The Addam's Family's Lurch played the aliens. Every time neo-neo-nazi Pat Buchanan opens his yap I wonder why everyone doesn't know he's a Hitler fanatic and that everything he writes is a cookbook of nazi recipes.

Drudge links today to this article, "Was World War II Worth It?" and this Newsday editorial. Pat hasn't met a pro-nazi issue he didn't champion, from Holocaust denial to defending nazi prison guard John Demjanjuk. Here's a great article from FrontPage.

What a scumbag. Why doesn't he just come out and sieg heil already. Stop dancing around it, Pat, come out of the nazi closet for real. You're not fooling anybody.


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