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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Forgotten New Wave History

There once was a man from Nantuck... no, wait, there once was a band from Washington, DC called R.E.M. By the time of their 1982 12" they changed their name to Egoslavia because, you guessed it, Athens, GA's R.E.M. pressed the issue. Egoslavia's Greg(g) Strzempka recently googled himself and found my review of the 12". He e-mailed that my history was a little off and I begged him not to shatter the happy memories I had of that time and place when music I liked was popular and all around me. The delusion of nostalgia is all that keeps me going.

He did share this:

I somehow run into the "other" (y'know) REM guys at various airports- and we recount a backroom deal at the 9:30 where it 's agreed that; whomever gets a
record out first keeps the name...well... "radio free europe" and it was all over ....but heck they still know my name!


Blogger Richard said...

I got to play one of Mike Mill's basses yesterday. It was like magic, but not.

6:12 AM

Blogger lilalydog said...

I was lucky enough to see REM back in the early 80s..Boy was I pissed when some band from GA called R.E.M. made them change their name. I had always heard it was a law suit, but I was just a fan and don't know the real story. I feel (for lack of a better word) blessed to have their LP. So much of the classic local DC music I fear is lost to the general public. One of my favorite memories if of them at the 9:30 club, and every couple of songs, everyone got up and swithced instruments...and they sounded just as great in each combination !!

8:47 PM


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